About Us

CrossSector Partners

CrossSector Partners is a management consulting firm that specializes in providing services to enterprising nonprofit organizations and government agencies. Cynthia Russell established the company in 2008 to assist nonprofit executives plan and implement activities that would expand their organizations.

CrossSector Partners helps nonprofit leaders:

  • Think differently about fundraising strategies and identify new opportunities to secure additional financial support.
  • Clarify and articulate funding needs.
  • Establish financial goals and develop fund development plans to finance the growth.

CrossSector Partner’s clients are from many different disciplines. Our nonprofit and government clients work on housing, community development, the arts, immigration, animal rescue, social services, disaster response, and educational issues.

About the Icon

CrossSector IconThe CrossSector Partners icon symbolizes the elements of a successful nonprofit. The bridge represents the way nonprofits build collaborations to enhance their organization, the pillars of the bridge illustrate the way organizations attain financial sustainability through business planning, and the circle represents the way organizations continually evaluate their work to achieve greater success.

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