CrossSector Partners

CrossSector Partners works with a diverse number of nonprofit organizations and government agencies. Our projects have included:

Business Planning and Development of Growth Strategies

  • Leading the staff of a statewide supportive housing organization in a business planning process and preparing a three-year growth plan with annual work plan.
  • Serving as the program coordinator for a regional Community Development Financial Institution to manage its $3.5 million acquisition, rehabilitation, and homeownership HUD Neighborhood Stabilization Program. We coordinated the program and wrote an operations manual for the staff.
  • Developing a workbook and conducting a strategic planning workshop for the board membersof a New York City arts organization.
  • Assisting a statewide immigration organization to develop a three-year growth plan, annual plan, and fund development strategy.

Assessments of Operations

  • Performing an operational assessment and fund development strategy for a regional arts organization.
  • Performing assessments, training, and technical assistance activities for city housing officials within the jurisdictions of the HUD Newark, Hartford, and Baltimore Field Offices.
  • Completing three training guides for HUD’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program website ( , to help grantees with techniques to improve their program performance.
  • Designing and conducting training with a manual for Connecticut housing officials on the HUD Section 3 program.

Fund Development Planning

  • Identifying funders and preparing a successful grant applications for a statewide disaster animal rescue organization.
  • Identifying a funding source and assisting a regional arts organization in developing a grant proposal that resulted in funding for the organization’s new social media and technology plan.
  • Developing a fund development strategy for growth capital for a statewide supportive housing organization.
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