CrossSector Partners

CrossSector Partners provides services that strengthen organizations and help them be more successful. Our services to nonprofit organizations and government agencies focus on:

Business Planning and Development of Growth Strategies

Using an organization’s strategic plan as a guide, we work with nonprofits and agencies to develop annual plans and long range business plans. We help set goals and objectives so that an organization can execute its strategic plan and we establish metrics for measuring its success in achieving its goals. As part if the planning process, we conduct feasibility analyses on the viability of new ventures and help organizations perform activities to launch new programs and services.

Hear Cynthia Russell’s comments as a panelist on The Foundation Center’s presentation “Improving Long-term Performance: Business Planning for Nonprofits of All Sizes.”

Assessments of Operation

We help organizations create a strong administrative platform from which they can grow. We begin our assessment by compiling an inventory of the strengths and assets of the organizations we work with. We work collaboratively with staff members to identify items that will help them deliver services more effectively.We review an organization’s governance, finance, and fundraising activities and include recommendations on ways the organization can use technology, data collection systems, and social media. We also work with our clients to implement our recommendations.

Fund Development Planning

A successful organization has realistic fundraising plan to guide the staff and board in its fundraising activities. We work with our clients to establish clear funding goals that help them achieve their short and long term plans. We assist organizations in developing proposal concepts and budgets, and we help organizations identify funding sources. We also assist organizations in preparing grant proposals and funding requests.

CrossSector Partners looks forward to helping your organization grow to the next level.

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